Joining the Phamily: Becoming a Legionnaire

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If you frequent social media or are in any way involved in the fitness industry, you can probably name at least half a dozen sports supplement companies off the top of your head. After all, the industry is saturated with up and coming companies, many of which are headed by young and trendy entrepreneurs who sell products with their popularity rather than the quality of the products, themselves. Additionally, it is not uncommon for these companies to reach out to growing fitness accounts to become ambassadors.

Personally, I’ve received several requests to represent products, and I struggled for a while to determine what the company would be worth representing from both quality and integrity standpoints. Of course, I had heard of 1st Phorm from Emily Hayden when I first got into YouTube and discovered this world of fitness and competing, but assumed it would be beyond my grasp for a long time to come. In fact, it took a couple of years of research and exploring before I truly realized I had found a team that I would be proud to represent.

I attended a Health Spot event in June, at which I met Brian Teach, 1st Phorm’s Director of Customer Service, and he encouraged me to pursue the Legionnaire program. Within a week, I had applied and interviewed and was accepted in a torrent of excitement and disbelief. After years of waiting it out, I was accepted into a company with a high level of integrity- a company that has held fast to the priority of helping others, as opposed to mass sales.

From its humble beginnings, 1st Phorm has grown an impressive amount, but this can only be attributed to the honesty with which the company addresses customers and to the incessant grinding of its employees. As a nurse, my first priority is helping others by addressing their needs and empowering them to reach their goals. Because 1st Phorm operates on this same principle, I feel both confident and proud to represent them. To promote products that WORK. To be part of a phamily that preaches customer service through honest practices. To represent the Legion of Boom.

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